From “Casapinta Mortigliengo” by Don Luigi Pastoris (anno 1954)

Hamlet Benzio



Hamlet Bosco

“Arabi e Uslat”, those of Bertin house



Hamlet Campalvero

“Coc’ e Cru” (cooked and raw).

Called so because they lived between Masserano and Casapinta and they didn’t feel themselves inhabitants of these cities. In fact when they went shopping they used to say:” I go shopping to Casapinta”.

Hamlet Brovetto

Peru pistun”


Hamlet Scalabrino

“Strusa perci” (creep poles)



Hamlet Fantone


“Mutun” (Sulkers)


Hamlet Gallo


“Pichet” (Pickets)



Hamlet Guardia


“Sentenzia o Barasun” (Tell a lot of sentences)


Hamlet Riva

“N’sacanebbia” (sacks of fog) .

Called so because Hamlet Riva was very famous for the fog that came from the woods. The inhabitants were imaginated with sacks of fog in the hands.



Hamlet Rondo



“Vulpun” (Foxes)



Canton Casapinta

“Carabiun” (Hornets)



“Sitadin” (Citizens)



“Rigadin” (Person that sell accessorizes for tailors)