In a work day of June, reorganizing the archives, a book entitled “Requisizione dei quadrupedi”, which means requisition of quadrupeds, rivetted us. Opening it we found some register, bill and various modules about the purchase and sale of horses and mules, in Casapinta in 1950. The registers are three: one about the denunciations of quadrupeds , another one about the quadrupeds and vehicles and the last one about horses and mules.

The first was about the sale and purchase of these animals, of whom were pointed out the sex, the year of birth and their characteristics; the seller's or buyer's name, surname, residence and profession. There is: Broglio Ernesto (dealer), Gallo Vittorio (driver), Nicola Rosso Lorenzo (trader), Guardia Giuseppe (trader), Perissinotto Antonio (wheeler and driver), Marcato Ferruccio (farmer) e Pulze Pietro (lumberjack). The second one was about the enrolment of quadrupeds and vehicles for the requisition by the Royal Army in order to be used in the military services. There are those of Perissinotto Antonio, Gallo Vittorio and Zuccolotto Giacomo. To conclude there is the one about horses and mules where were registered "the new entry in the Municipality, after the last Military Commissaries' visit". There are: Broglio Ernesto with his horse Bobi, Gallo Vittorio with the mules Lollo, Pastur and Mora, Perissinotto Antonio and the mules Rosa and Lola, the horses Bigio, Nina and Lola, Zuccolotto Giacomo with his mule Bigio, Marcato Ferruccio and his mule Nina and, to conclude, Pulze Pietro with the mule Nero.

When the goods wagons, drawed by these animals, travelled on the road, needed a proper plate and a particular policy, which coincided with the plate booking certificate, which was maximum 620 Liras. People had to pay the amount by post bullettin. To circulate on public roads, they had to pay an obligatory annual tax of 500 to 2000 Liras, in connection with the gross weight of the goods wagon. A way to point out this information, was to use a proper measurer, which also said the measure of the rims and the capacity of the vehicle.


Everything you read is written and well preserved in the archives of our Town Hall and if someone wants to give us other pieces of information or correct something in order to enrich this document, please contact us!




register of horses and mules


register of the quadrupeds and vehicles


register of denunciations of the quadrupeds




booking certificate


plate example


post bullettin




Apprenticeship June-July 2007

Manuela Bonardi and Veronica Serafia