The current Communal seat of Casapinta has a long story. In fact it was probably during and after the II World War the “house of Fascio”. His value, equal as £ 3.890.000, was estimated from the technical Office in Vercelli. When it began to think about a new building, since immediately it was clear that Communal expenses weren’t enough to cover the expense of purchase.

So it was necessary the require of a loan that, after some problems, was given from the Cassa of Risparmio in Biella.

The 5 February 1960 there was the decision from the Communal Council, guarded by the Mayor Guano Guglielmo Oreste, to buy the building. After that it began some problems, first of all there was the competition between the City Hall and the Parish of San Lorenzo. In fact the latter offered the sum, decided by Vercelli, in cashes, on the other hand the City Hall wanted to offer less with a payment by instalments.  



At the end won the City Hall that decided to buy the building at the same count of Vercelli and to leave the ground floor for the E.N.A.L., instead the first floor remained to the City Hall and the employment office. It is also important that it was the parish, directed by Don Luigi Pastoris, to renounce the building.

At the final purchase, the Mayor that signed all the acts was Furno Marchese rag.Tino.

Inside the building was structured in:

  • Basement :      big hall

                                  two accessorizes (utility room)

  • Ground floor:  hall (drinks)

                                   big hall for TV

                                   other room (kitchen)

  • First floor:     four room, three accessorizes