The chances of Casapinta have been identified with those of Mortigliengo, until 1627, when like the others Cantons, became an autonomous City Hall.

Although this, for almost 200 years, Casapinta hasnít had a City Hall home, till 1820 the reunions have been done in the parish house and the archive was kept in the sacristy.

In those days the Communal Office wasnít used so much as today, because it didnít exist. Little necessary papers were made at home by the Major or the Communal secretary. The births, the deaths and the marriages, were written only by the parish priest, that was the only one who have the registers.


In 1820 it was decided to build two rooms to use as Communal Seat, one for the preassemblies and the other for the archive, extracted for an arcade (which was already property of the township), in the canton Nicola in order not to disturb the priest. This one was near a small churchís building, that rose where now there is the press. Then the rooms became the teacherís apartment.

The preassembliesí room was too small it couldnít contain the 15 advisers. There wasnít also the chimney; so, during the winter, the preassemblies were done in a heated room in the school. The City Hall rent for the school two rooms in the ground floor in the Scalabrino Giovanniís house opposite of San Antonio.