Ad domum de Benzys ( to the Benzi)



In the XVI century: the Macia and the Matura owned only the houses, the Boscho and the La Varda owned also the lands.

In the XVIII century here live six families: Brovetto, Bosco, Gallo, Guardia, Riva and Scalabrino.

Our old relatives called the inhabitants of this hamlet "Z'rro".




The Canton Benzio didn't grow up between '500 and '700: in 1701,when it was drawn up a relation of the land register, there were only two houses, that maintened all the original characteristics. Most of the buildings are of the XIX century, except one of the XVIII century. The houses are built around a court and are of three or four floors.There was also a small unit of three houses with a common yard; around that there were chestnut groves and screw fields. Further the riale, there was another irrigation ditch: the croso. both of them indicate the slope of a ground.