Ad domum de supra sive de Boscho.



In the XVI century: the families that owned properties inside the locality were the de Boscho and the de la Varda; the owners of lands who lived outside the locality were the de Robino and the de Allino.

In the XVIII century: besides the Bosco family there are also the Buzano and the Broglio.

Our old relatives called the inhabitants of this hamlet "Arabi and Uslat, those of Casa Bertin".




The Canton Bosco is called so because of the thick woods. In the oldest cadastre the area is divided in two parts: the domus de supra and Bosco. There are also some rural buildings which thanks to their tipology and material can be considered of the last fifty years of 1800. From '500 to '700 there were a building and demographic increase. As irrigation ditch there was the croso, that was different from the riale for his function.