(In campis lanarii?)



Camplavero is the only Canton that hasn't the inhabitants' surname. The surnames of Campalvero are Scalabrino, Guglielmella and Rosso. In the XVI century: there were the Rondo, Consule and Gugliermella.

In the XVIII century: remain the Console and Guglielmella.

Our relatives clla the inhabitants of this hamlet "Coc' e Cru" (cooked and raw). Called so because they lived between Masserano and Casapinta and they didn’t feel themselves inhabitants of these cities. In fact when they went shopping they used to say:” I go shopping to Casapinta”.




Certainly this Canton is very old; it has a own history. The inhabitnats, trought various events, obtain almost the independence. As the tradtion tells, the name Campalvero comes from "Campo Elvetico": at Barbars 'age , a mil detachment of the Elvetic army put their camp near the inhabited, while the horses stayed where now there is the Canton. In the parish registers, you find another type to call the Canton: Campalvè. In the '700, the Canton had a building renovation because of the demographic growth. With the 15 house already declared, it is necessary to add a casina and a cassinone. There were two presses probably for grapefruit and walnuts.These were probably used by all the comunity. Durind the XVIII century, there were 2 families that in the '500 had bigger properties: the del Console and the Guglielmella. Still today people can recognize it thanks to its particular ground shape; the new buildings have been built outside in order to maintain the oldest structures.