Ad domum pictam

Under this name the land register relieved only one house but it's impossible to identifiy it as the "Casa Dipinta" that came from the noun (Ad domum pictam et ad crucem). Painted or not, the house shouldn't be isolated, but near other houses under other nouns. Connected with the cadastre, in 1701, these houses corresponded to the courts of de Nicola, Ripa and Broglia.



In the XVI century: Romerius de Rondo

In the XVIII century : Bassetto, Broglio, Nicola are the three surnames characterizing the village of Casapinta in 1700.

Our old relatives called the inhabitants of this hamlet "Carabiun" for the Broglio's family, "Sitadin" for the Bassetti and "Rigadin" for the Nicola.




Today it is part of a urban continuum  in which there are some roads, near one to each other but with no continuity solutions; in the middle houses are built around courts, which we can see better today then in the past. The majority of the Canton's land, is covered by fields; then fields with screws and coasts with trees.