Ad domum de Fantono et in Clauso



In the XVI century: here live all the de Fantono (Ubertinus, Anthonius, Domenica andAntonia) from which comes the name of the road; the de Bagliono and the de Rondo are owners of a lot of lands.

In the XVIII century: There are only two groups of the Fantone; the Rondo and the de Bagliono disappeared, replaced by the Brovetto.

Our old relatives called the inhabitants of this hamlet "Mutun".




The enthronement is still today very small; we can see a central area, which probably coincides with the common court (corte comune) of 1700.

The property of the priest egregius Perrotus frates de Bagliono, was extended near the adjacent house for the canepa, like a warehouse at the groundfloor, leaving the solarium, at the first floor, to one of Fantino. The name of the locality, from the patronymic Fantono, dominating until the '500, and the family had the biggest building.