Ad Gallum.



In the XVI century: the brothers Bartholomeus et Ludovicus and Ugacius de Mayneris are the ones who own the most, although they have a lot of properties in Mezzana, a near village.

In the XVIII century: the Gallo are the only ones who live here; the most owners of fields and grounds are on the other hand the Riva, the Broglio and the Brovetto.


Our old relatives called the inhabitants of this hamlet "Pichet".




The enthronement does not really show an historical nucleus and all the buildings have been deeply modified. Built in 1700, it is divided in 3 independent structures: a simple house with court and two houses with press (probably press for canapa). There was also a stable with a big barn. There were riali, rialetti and crosi to granted an irrigation system.