In la Varda, ad Vardam.




In the XVI century: the family groups are the La Varda and Del Bosco but also other families own some land: the Macia, the De Buzano, the De Gibellis, the De Marrocho, the Perra and the Rotta.

In the XVIII century: the Guardia are almost the only ones who live here.

Our old relatives called the inhabitants of this hamlet "Sentenzià" or "Barasun".




This part of Casapinta is compact and a little bit small, also because of its particular ground shape. The buildings seem copies of old structures.

A public road is used as access to the houses in the Canton while a riale crosses and irrigates the grounds. The presence of lumen Cigliaghe is proof that the territory of Guardia's Canton arrived to lap the waterway.