Ad domum de la Riva et in clauso.

Canton Riva has had probably this name because of his place above two banks.




In the XVI century: there is only some Riva and a woman, a certain Catherina filia quondam Jacobi Lenera .

In the XVIII century : there are seven families, all coming from the Riva.

Our old relatives called the inhabitants of this hamlets "N' saccanebbia" (sacks of fog) .

Called so because Hamlet Riva was very famous for the fog that came from the woods. The inhabitants were imaginated with sacks of fog in the hands.




Still today it is organized around relation spaces, which coincide with the ancient courts.

In '500 the Canton Riva borders on other groups of houses: in front of the street, opposite the Riva's house it is said Ad domum de Grizia; less defined the places call ad Domum de Gileto e ad Domum de Vegio.

Then these names don't appear, probably because of the fusion in the bigger Canton Riva. During this period the riale it is thought not only as a draw, but also like a small ditch of property's delimitation.

During the XVIII century, given that the Riva still have a lot of buildings, the ruine houses and those disappeared could be the sign of the group's impoverishment, as long as the families lived in smaller spaces than two centuries before. Like the houses also the fields seem in abandon.