In the XVI century: all the inhabitants of this canton are called Rondo.

In the XVIII century: the Rondo (eight relative nucleus) are no more the only owners of the road. There are now the Brovetto and the two brothers' Carlo families, of whom was the press.

Our old relatives called the inhabitants of this hamlets "vulpun".




This canton is very small and compact, organized around a central area. It seems that the oldest buildings are those inside and the new ones those outside.

During the XVI century the houses denounced are only three, with also two farmhouses and a ruine house, surrounded by fields and lawns, but the consistencies show other owners, all of them belonging to the Rondo family, maybe not owners of a buildings' part yet.

At the beginning of the XVIII century, the settlement lived by twelve families, owners of as much houses. There were also a press and a stable, as well as the barn and the ruine house. the middle of the houses is arranged on the way, while the Brovetto have a own separeted house; between the neighbouring fields there is the " via of fontana", with a corsetto and a rialetto.